• Cette nouveauté ne cesse de m'impressionner. En seulement 5 minutes, ma peau est propre et exfoliant. Parfait, pour se garder plus de temps pour nous.

    Je l'utilise deux fois par semaine et les résultats sont visibles dès la première utilisation. Se faire du bien et avoir du temps pour nous aussi c'est vraiment ça être en mode cocooning.

    Marie-Claude Raiche

  • FEY Cosmetics is one of these great Canadian brands. When it comes to skincare, their products are top-notch, organic and well-formulated. And they truly do work... They live up to their promised benefits and are money well-spent!

    Margaret Bourne

  • Dès la première utilisation, j'ai senti que ma peau était plus ferme! Sérieusement ça m'a impressionné. Comme si le produit avait un effet tenseur immédiat. Puis, après environ 1 semaine, il était devenu plus uniforme et éclatant. Je vous dis, avec une utilisation sur le long terme, ce produit naturel de plus, c'est ultra prometteur selon moi!

    Lucie-Rose Lévesque

  • Super produits après soleil, en particulier pour les gens à la peau pâle. Définitivement dans les produits à avoir! Bravo

    Marc Hébert

  • It was so exciting to get away from that gross bumpy cracked texture! I am now on my 4th week of using it and my face feels smoother, and never dry. I have also put extra serum on my hands which have been going through nasty eczema flares from the weather (and stress, of course), and it has also started to calm that down.

    Judith Lam Tang

  • Just like what it claims, this serum works amazingly to bring back the moisture on a dehydrated skin just like mine. Overall, it gave me the result that regular moisturizers can’t provide. Since this is more potent, it was able to penetrate more deep inside my skin and addressed my long-time battle with dehydrated skin... It’s also important for me to say that this is one of the products that did not cause me to breakout. Honestly, this is really amazing for someone like me who still occasionally suffers from acne breakouts even on my late twenties.

    Le blog de ThatGirlArlene

  • I have been using the serum as a part of my new skin care regimen for a while now and it has been doing great for my skin. I haven’t had to use a moisturizer since then.

    Audrey Paillé

  • I got to try their Tonus and Aqua serums and I totally loved them! My skin felt so fresh and hydrated and they are perfect to use before day and night cream!


  • Ces sérums peuvent être excellents pour les bio-esthéticiennes car ils sont vraiment concentrés et leur absorption rapide permet, je crois, une belle addition à vos soins cabines pour les clients qui désirent du naturel / bio mais aussi, des vrais résultats.

    Shirley Séguin

  • I am lucky to live a hectic life, full of strong emotions and to see the most beautiful places on the planet. However, due to so many hours spent outdoors and at airports, multiple training sessions in chlorinated water, open sun competitions, and the adaptation to different time zones, I put my skin health at risk. While looking to improve this situation, I had a crush on FEY Cosmetics, a Montreal-based skincare company.

    Lysanne Richard

  • Once it has set you will notice that your skin feels very smooth and hydrated. I was really happy with the results. The ACQUA serum was different from other products that I used, and it hydrated my skin more than any moisturizer that I used before. If you have dry skin and a moisturizer isn't working on its own- try adding a serum into your routine.

    Jennifer Robertson